Linda Lee

Pearl Ministry

GREETINGS: Pearl Ministry is a two-fold ministry: First is to Win souls 4 Jesus Christ by any means necessary & any way possible. Birthing souls into Gods Kingdom.  Laboring on the altars with Gods people, Speak a word of encouragement, praying for souls, supporting functions and sowing seeds. Second Encourage souls that are in Ministry.  Pearl Ministry sent out words of encouragement weekly thru texts every Friday for years until May 29 2015. We continue to email, posting daily on my website click Inspirationals and sharing posts on social networks such as Facebook (Pearl Ministry) Twitter (Pearlministry81).

My desire is to help the men and women of God who have been drawn thru the power of God to live for God. Those struggling to live a Holy Life (set apart) in which they have chosen from the initial call to salvation. Those who have stepped out of the will of God yet feel the tug of God on their Heart. Yet they struggle with worldly desires. They struggle with decision of what to do next. They struggle with whether they have made the right choices and/or decisions. Those living in a marriage and/or relationship where they have accepted the Lord now they need to make decisions to live with an unsaved spouse/person. I’ve been thru these scenarios my desire is to be a support and a guide thru the word of God sharing personal experience of what God wants and desires. Jesus has given me to look for those who are so precious to him and nothing will stop me from going after precious souls. For Jesus died for each soul and as a servant of Jesus Christ I’m willing to search, support, and give all I can for nothing is priceless enough for my Lord.    One of my Favorites songs and I would be honored if you would listen by clicking on the underlined words “Cover Me” and enjoy>  Cover Me.