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About Pearl Ministry

The photo you see is my Mother and her birth name is Malissa. When I was in high school all my classmates were calling their parents by their first name. One day I tried that and got myself in hot water. My mom considered that Disrespectful so I asked if I could give her a nickname.  She said yes so I came up with Pearl. From high school until her death I’ve been calling my Mother Pearl.

Pearl Ministry established in 2012 though the name Pearl was founded in 1995. My first business was a in home family childcare business.  The Acronym P.E.A.R.L. stands for my “Passion Endless & Abides & Remains Liberal. ”

In honor of my Mother, I name my First Licensed Business after her “Pearls Family Childcare” my motto was “We Produce Jewels“.  We were open for 5 years. Then as time has gone on, God has impressed upon me to name my Ministry in honor of my mom. Malissa a.k.a. Pearl, a giving woman who would do anything for anyone if she had it, after giving you the 3rd degree.

~Greatly Missed~