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Thursday Scripture

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Jeremiah 3:15 “‘And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding. Take the time to read it. Meditate on it. God has given this world Pasrors after his heart. Every soul needs a Shepherd to watch over them to lead and guide them. When you have a Pastor living upright in Christ. You can track there life of Integrity. Honor them love them. Pray for them. My Pastor is awesome I watch the life. I listen to the prayers sent up on my behalf. I watch God bring results and evidence which increases my Faith in God and my Shepherd. If I see things I’m concerned with I pray and intercede. I want my Shepherd to live eat think walk represent Christ in the best way as well as live as an Holy example before us.

What I’ve learned is when you listen to the regular conversation. The biblical messages you will know what to pray about. When you hear a Pastor say what they don’t care for or like. Pray for them they are sharing with you there struggles. God will give you what else to pray for just hold on to the altars of God. Righteously judge matters according to the word of God. Make sure you ask God for your Shepherd.

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