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My Lord just reflecting over this week how God blessed Friday night Shacklebuster 10th year deliverance service and then Womens of Rfogcogic had a prayer Breakfast quite unique in itself. The Lord met us there. There is Unity and the peace of God abides among the Women of God to God be the Glory. I feel nothing but the Holyghost during after Saturdays prayer breakfast. Sunday morning nothing but the power of the Holyghost among the members especially the Womens dept. The Prophecy came in the prayer breakfast thru Sis. Sherry who is not a member as of yet that God has put the First Lady Ray & Missny Sanders together and we have a work to do in the Mighty name if Jesus I receive and I am walking in it. To God be ghe Glory for all he is doing for the Rfogcogic as a Whole.

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