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I have had an productive work week. Yet prayerful about family/church concerns I had to turn it all over to the Lord. Peace of God Reigns. Resting in God. Zero Tolerance.

Sitting back examining my life being apart of COGIC.  God saved me early in my life as a teenager. New First Church was my church until my Aunt Passed Away. Then I found a church closer to home. Holy Temple COGIC Pastor Moye. Then as time went on I relocated from Illinois to WA State.

My first week in the State I met a wonderful woman of God who introduced me to her church Refreshing  Springs COGIC I was a member for over 20+years. Down the road I would dream about ministering, see myself before Gods people. Watching the price others paid was a nice “excuse” for me not to accept my calling.

Pastor Haskins would make comments I would out right decline, reject, anything calling on my life. One day that changed and things went well but God began to deal with me. Show me things spiritually happenings. I would discern issues and concerns it was “awe” for me but yet empowering me to fulfill the call on my life.

Things changed drastically things that I had seen, heard for years began to concern me God said to go. I regretted every member and moved on.

Now I’ve come to a wall in which my soul is at stake. The question I asked God what do I do? God tells me through these tests and trials “hold your peace”. I promise you without the Holyghost abiding in your soul it’s not possible.  For 2 1/2 years it’s been spiritually warfare For me and my household. Being the only active person living what I speak about I was on my own. Yet my family listened commented held me prayed for me made judgements about me. Love never ceased. My family wants to defend me but God has me. That’s what I tell them. God said vengeance is his. Pray for folks who deliberately harm you persecute you. Arm myself because it was done to Jesus.

No more God said enough is enough. I have taken you through these trials Learn and gain the skills needs spiritually. Come up in areas of need. Pull off and surrender where needed.

2012 I told Aspirant Missny class and in finished in 2013 paid fee paid monthly assessments gave official offerings  passed test. Took online course and yet don’t have my license. It’s 2015 we have a New Bishop and New Jurisdictional Supervisor of Women and this year has brought many changes. I earned my License in 2013 I am waiting Patiently. God called me and qualifies me. Man says one thing but God has the last say so. My standing in 2013 hasn’t changed. My 2015 standing still hasn’t changed. I’m being guided by God. I have Zero  Tolerance for Sin. So God is in control. I expect those who have the Holyghost to come correct. I will be even more spiritually armored then ever before.

The bible speaks of messy folks in these last and evil days I’ve seen messy folks who profess. I never saw as many “church liars” as I seen in my 25+ years.

Lord is on his way back to get his people and to bring Judgement starting with the household of faith. We all must be careful we think we know what’s going on from a one sided story but we truly don’t.  It’s best to pray and not ask folks there personal business. It’s NO ONE’S BUSINESS. As time rolls on folks will share there personal testimony. Then the light bulb will go off in your head “oh that’s what was happening”. Don’t Inquire PRAY FAST INTERCEDE on behalf of souls.

Folks don’t know how much effort it takes to be in weekly warfare it’s draining. Everyone needs Refuge And one must know where to go to receive refuge.  I have Several places of Refuge. I can go and receive the Presence of God in my life and receive Immediate help. NO DELAYS the power of God is readily available.  How many souls know this and can access your help.

These are some of my thoughts that God gave me to share.  Have sweet sleep. Be Blessed!

2  Thessalonians 3:11 we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies.

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