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Its a new start here in Washington state Jurisdiction we now have a New Bisop who is Bishop Leo C Brown I am glad about it. We shall see progress in ministry and in our churches.

I am glad about what the new process is All positions are being vacated and it will be a vote to see who will take those positions. I can appreciate that because there are those who currently in position and they don’t have their home life together “deliberately” out of  Will of God.  Leaders must be examples at all times. So as we move forward I believe God will fix it all.

We need much prayer that God would lead and guide each soul that stands with our Bishop. We pray that every Leader will comply accordingly to the will and way of the word.

I am looking forward to this change its bitter-sweet for I don’t know whose going to be in charge of the Overcomers Unit nor will I be able to be apart myself.

Please keep Washington state Jurisdiction in prayer as we move forward in Jesus name Amen!

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