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I’m Pro-Life as well-I read an article & listen to an Interview in which a Congressman stated that in “Legitimate Rape” pregnancy don’t usually occur and a woman has a way to stop pregnancy from happening.

Now we need to reconsider Government Leaders who make stupid statements like this.

No woman should be raped and regardless if it’s by a spouse or boyfriend it’s wrong.  No is No period point-blank.

To have a child under this kind of ordeal makes life rough for that Mother.

There’s no such thing as a “Legitimate Rape”.  So now people are pulling their support for this man.  It’s sad he should have not answered the question instead of trying to have an answer for everything.

Let it happen to his Sister Aunt Wife Daughter and see if it will be a “Legitimate Rape” then.

I want his Job Title Revoke his Governmental Status.

#Just my thoughts

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