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ROYAL FAMILY OF GOD COGIC-WoW the things we as human beings are taught in Churchdom. (Women preaching/speaking-Pants).  I am a Women of God and I Speak Gods word.  I’m Anointed by God to deliver his word.  I don’t Squall as some but I Speak Gods word.  4Real some folks are still stuck. Are you kidding me Women aren’t Anointed (I’m Anointed to speak Gods word). I could’t believe that was said  tonight. My Brothers & Sisters if you think like that you don’t need a License. Nor do one need to stand over Gods people.  There’s alot of teaching, seeking, praying that needs to be done. Don’t even attempt to be Licensed in COGIC. There is no way on Gods Green Earth that a Sinner can become Sanctified before they receive the Lord. We are willing to hold on to these kind of thoughts regardless of the Biblical Evidence that says differently.  We must be able/willing to change “once” we are Enlightened by the word of God.  Bible Study was good and I thank God for the word of God being Taught by my Pastor Elder James W. Ray Jr. I thank God for his stance for Gods word.  After it’s all said and done God’s manservant leaves us with the Word of God. GNITE!  #SayBlessed!

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