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This post came about because a question was asked as a Christian who has an Adult Homosexual child who invites you to his/her home to celebrate Thanksgiving would you go?

I was sitting next to a person and I said Yes I would go.  There  can be a pre-talk when the Invitation is given.  What will not Transpire on “both sides” in order for one to attend a Thanksgiving Dinner. #Duh

So when the question was answered the response was “No” Strengthen not the hand of the Evil doer.  Then personal views came up how they couldn’t sit they would be thinking etc…

Other people’s views or thoughts are not a problem for me any longer.

I believe when you have a relationship with your child and you make it known as a Christian where you stand on Lifestyle choices your child would not disrespect your stance but this should not be about their sexuality.  It’s about coming together and spending time together.

My question would be what’s the difference if your Adult child whose not married bring their opposite sex partner?  In my mind its discrimination (Gods not it) it’s ok for my heterosexual adult child to bring their Lover over for Thanksgiving but it’s not ok for my child whose a Homosexual.

Through Loving Kindness does Jesus draw people.  When a Christian has Firmly Lived out there Beliefs of not Accepting Homosexuality according to the bible there’s no way a child raised up in a Christian home would consider their parent coming to Thanksgiving dinner as a means of Acceptance.

#Just my thought

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I agree. Parents should love and accept their child even if they don’t accept their lifestyle. If Grayson turns out to be gay I will love and accept him in my home no matter what. Christ didn’t shun the sinners. He loved everyone and accepted everyone even if he didn’t love or accept the way they were living. He didn’t agree with the prostitutes he met or the drunks but he told them he loved them and he wanted them to live a better life free of their sins.

Thanks for your reply I’ve been putting my thoughts in writing. Feel free to Follow me!

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