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Why is confirmation essential when we as Gods servants speak and say God gave us something then we need to know that God truly did it.

I was given the opportunity to speak tonight. It’s not like it was a surprise. The surprise came when the theme was changed. I had already prepared myself to speak about something different. Anyhow I was like ok Lord I’m clueless of how to bring about this message with this specific topic.

So as the day went on I continue to read and pray.  Even though I wrote down scriptures and things God was giving me I wasn’t fully convinced myself.  But I continued pray and seek God and rest in the message I believe God had given me.

So I ended up telling God to word my mouth father let your divine will be done.  I spoke about “Don’t look back”.   Now it didn’t come out like I thought personally I didn’t believe I did justice to the message but I just wanted to know God got the glory.  You will always have those to say I enjoyed the word.  But God did I say everything you wanted me to say.

My Pastor arrived and when it was time for him to have remarks he not only quote the scriptures I used unknowingly.  He said specific scenarios I gave so I knew then Confirmation was Essential.

It’s all about uplifting Gods people and Inspiring them to live a life of Holiness do Gods will.  I’m so glad to be on the Lord side.  It use to seem like I’ll never come into who God wants me to become but I’m here now and I will not squander the gift God has given me.  I know God is in control of my life, ministry.  It feels good to be doing Gods will and within Gods will.

~Confirmation Essential~

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