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WHAT IS ON YOUR SPIRITUAL MENU-Butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good.
Isaiah 7:15

God does not need want his delivered Saints bending bowing conforming to Appease the sinners.  God hates sin born again believers must hate sin. God loves the soul of everyone and doesn’t want any soul to be lost. We must not take God standard of Holiness down a notch or two to draw the world. The World has to come up to Gods standards in every area of their Life No exception. Jesus Christ wasn’t given a pass on death and we will not receive  a pass either it’s heaven or hell. You get to choose you get to decide. No one will force you to receive accept believe in God or his son. Salvation is proven and it you sincerely Try Jesus Christ as your personal Savior I guarantee you that he will work In every way you need plus more. The benefits of living for a risen savior is second to none. The response time is up to you. Jesus is waiting patiently. You must answer the call. Watch and pray. Be Blessed!

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