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Over the years I’ve had so many feelings about Spanking.  As a child I didn’t get spanked a lot.  When I look over my life I escaped so many spankings which I should have gotten.  What I’ve learned as a Parent is I made Lots of Mistakes.  I never found out totally if my child knew why he was being spanked and did he understand whatever he did was wrong.  We should always make sure that children know why they are being punished.

Children should have verbal warnings.  There has to be a level of Fear put in a child.  Not fear like they are scare but fear as in Respect “I will not do that because I love my parents”.

Spanking is not the First thing that should take place.  I Believe in Spanking totally.  God said it in the bible.  Proverbs 22 & 23 speaks about Disciplining a child.  Following the formula God has given will keep child(ren)  from being lost spiritually.

God does not want parents disciplining by withholding food.  Leaving marks or slapping your child.  Beating them until they bleed, vomit, etc…That’s child abuse and in this day and age if you did or do any of this you deserve to have you child remove from the home.

Anger and Spanking don’t mix at no time.  Discipline your children when you see them beginning to act out.  You don’t watch your child run into the streets and then say after several attempts you gonna get a spanking if you don’t stop.

That’s an Immediate lesson to be learned and discipline to be administered right then and there.  Alone with Parental reprimand “what were you doing while your child continue to go into the streets”.  Refocus yourself by taking responsibility and then move forward.

To never spank your child is Dangerous no matter (how bad you have told yourself you were spanked).  Your not dead and you may have wished you were. Your alive and well-educated appear to be mentally stable.  Now since it worked for you and your friends siblings family members why would you not use the same method for your child. (Use Wisdom).

Spanking a child with your hand is sufficient on their bottoms.  A couple of firm swats and then administer Love.  Don’t go and punish them the entire day or the remainder of the week.

Even God Almighty don’t do human being who sin against him like that.  Our perfect example is Jesus and once we are forgiven and the consequences are delivered it’s over with.  Grace and Mercy comes in a Huge way.

Save your child(ren) soul from being Lost it’s about there Souls.  Just a Thought!

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