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How does one Dishonor a memory in my opinion: I grew up next door to some very loving people as a child.  They had 1 daughter and some nephews & nieces which we all at some point hung out as Teenagers. My second family would teach me & guide me as a young adult. This family helped raise me and the things I’ve been taught I’ve held on to.

My neighbors are deceased now but the other family member(s) seem to either delete what we’ve all been taught or either they have selective memory.  We were taken to church regardless of the denomination I learned something from attending church with them.

Now today it seems to me that these family member(s) have no moral values.  They appear passive and like to go alone with the Norm of society.  It’s disturbing considering we were given a foundation.  I don’t know for sure but I doubt if they attend church or take their own children.

I sit and sometimes Wonder what would they say about how we are living Spiritually.  People can be successful yet unsuccessful which is dangerous.  To gain the whole world and not have God that’s really dangerous.

One thing I can do is pray and hope that something is said to help them think about their Lifestyle.  I believe my Neighbors would be very disappointed.  The thought of oh I believe in God and/or I pray wow that tells me you’re a “Christian”.  Today everyone is saying they are Christians such as murders rapist molesters robbers Abusers Liars Tricksters etc…

True Christians of God puts a difference between Wrong/Right!

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