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Saints ask God to stop all after shocks they are deadly as the earthquakes. Father we ask for your help God please stop the Aftershocks remove anxiety fears Lord let the healing process beginning strength hearts minds of those who have lost loved ones Father touch the rescuers keep them safe those yet unaccounted for let them be located. Those who didn’t survive let them be located and bring closure to the Family.

For those in Baltimore God stop the riots this criminal activity isn’t helping anyone. God these policemen and women are you messengers some have failed to protect citizens Lord reveal who they are and father you judge them. Comfort each family member that has lost a loved one to police hands. Father watch over our black boys/men. Stop this murdering demon. We loose the peace of God over Baltimore. We loose salvation, healing over each soul in Baltimore. We loose conviction over every Pastor, Elder, Evangelist,Missionary that they would get involved in the community thru prayer, discussions, comfort, food, a kind word, wisdom, guidance. Bring all wrong doing to justice in Jesus name. Amen

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