Evening Prayer 8 2 2018

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Dear Heavenly Father thank you for giving me the strength the wisdom and the compassion to be productive and successful Lord your awesome I thank you for answering the prayers of the righteous Lord there are so many people in the entertainment industry the music industry that need help mentally emotionally and spiritually God intercept the plots plans and schemes of the devil I loose warring angels to do battle for souls desiring to be saved to get to know you in the parting of there sins God do a mighty transformation of the minds and hearts of the sinners God I believe your report I have the victory I’m victorious I’m a overcomer and there’s nothing satan can do about it he’s defeated and his opportunity has been done over 2000+ years ago. Satisfy my soul for the more of you increase the hunger and thirst after the more of your righteousness soak me and my family in your blood save deliver and make free my loved ones God answer my church prayer make haste for the blessing to flow down from our Shepherd by fire by force in Jesus name God I know your working and your in the midst and behind the scenes reveal to redeem your perfect will for PRHM let nothing be missing and nothing be broken align us in every area of our lives make your plan of salvation clear and transparent Lord we are willing ready and capable of fulfilling your divine will let your divine purpose be completed in our individual and collective lives and touch heal our bodies grant us rest and sweet sleep tonight in Jesus name Amen

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