Evening Prayer 8 3 2018

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Dear heavenly Father thank you for allowing me to successful complete my corporate fast. Father as I continue on Lord give me the strength and take me through to 31st of August. God I need your help I need divine intervention I need cords to be severe I need your interference on personal matters God I need you to transform and save my family deliver and make free bind the wickedness God give my nieces the heart to surrender to you God give them to turn back to you Lord there are so much evil in this world I know your soon to return God I want to be closer to you I want to be a vessel of honor I want to be sanctified wholly God make me real wash me white as snow thank you for answering prayers for the M. family continue to intervene bless my clients God it’s time to be done with two clients Lord I only want one client and I want that income as extra Lord please make things new Father I depend on you I trust you to take care of me as you’ve been doing since I’ve been born even when I didn’t recognize you Lord every cancer patient Lord you are able to heal deliver and make free God intercept the plans of the devil don’t allow one soul to die without salvation I know that before they close there eyes salvation will be presented to them Lord you see the 10 year old God help the doctors to destroy the infection Lord time is of the essence please Father strengthen each family who has a loved one battling cancer. So many people are dealing with health issues as I am many don’t know you as I do God I stand on your word your precious promises that by your stripes I’m healed and they are healed Father bless my church the vision bring the souls in fulfill the promises the prophecies on each servants head from the leader on down fill souls with the holyghost help them to get real about surrender help them to desire deliverance God touch Ann I know your a miracle worker I know that your able to raise her up from the crown of her head to the soul of her feet wipe out this cancer Lord I want her soul to be ready to meet you regardless of the outcome God I believe she loves you bind fear and oppression and depression in Jesus mighty name Lord I am ready for this new turn of events use me for your glory get all the glory out of my life word my mouth anoint my soul with flesh fire flesh oil in Jesus name grant us all sweet sleep Amen

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