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When I think of Fear I recall the time when my husband was teaching me to drive.  Oh my Lord Fear was so attached to me and me to it.  I would hear the preacher preach about Fear but when you’re in the boat.  My Lord I had to use and apply Gods word to myself and my life.  God has not given Linda the spirit of Fear but of power Love and a sound mind (Greek translation of sound) Healthy.

2 Timothy 1:7 is real and it will work if we as human people would apply Gods word.  I watched last night a woman of God receive deliverance thru the power of the Holyghost.  Fear had gripped her and she had nothing else to do but fight the enemy and let him know he was a liar.

That Fear demon had to go and I tell you afterwards she ministered to the entire church.  God is Awesome and he’s so loving whenever we don’t line up in an area of our life.  God waits patiently to step in and work a Deliverance and no one can take that Glory away from God Almighty.


~No More Fear~

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