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Definition of freedom of religion definition. The right to choose a religion (or no religion) without interference by the government. Freedom ofreligion is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution. 

Now I agree with this definition. But it goes even deeper then that. The Lord established what RF is he told us that we are to rather obey God then man. The Lord let us know that we are free and happy when we do what he says. God gave his all so that we would see how blessed life would be living for him. God said to choose between living in bondage or with him in freedom. God said if anyone comes with a message different then he’s written & spoken don’t adhere to it. There is something wrong when your not taking a stance for God yet naming the name of the Lord. Lord have mercy on us and time is winding up and we must choose quickly. Let the deeds of the Lord be known. Testify in truth. Every wayward life is Sin. No matter who writes Sinful posts, articles, news report, talk shows reviews. God said its all a Sin. They can vote and agree to all the laws man want it does not change what our Lord has stated. Gods people are not governed by mans laws when it goes against the Holy word. #ThatsFreedom



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