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I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.  Genesis 9:13

God has been merciful to this world but we are fallen deeper into SIN the devil has decided to take Gods rainbow and use it to represent gay pride.  Well we take the rainbow back because no one has a right to use the rainbow except God.  If you believe that you can use the rainbow just consider what it represent God said he would not destroy this world anymore by WATER.  (A COVENANT)

God has stood on that covenant and the devil has abandon souls left and right.  Homophobia is wrong.  To hate someone is wrong it’s a sin because God is Love.  What I hate is the very act of homosexuality, Lesbianism.  I Love the human beings.  God doesn’t hate anyone God is Love and God loves all souls regardless of your lifestyle choice.  Yet God will not tolerate SIN in heaven.  All those lost souls living a homosexual, lesbian or gay lifestyle even just a sinful lifestyle don’t have another chance. Sin is not worth it at no time.  Time is winding up. Jesus Christ is soon to return.

My prayer is that each person that survived will search there hearts and minds for a spiritual change.  Grace will run out.  Folks praying and asking God for help.  Those who survived found grace and God helped them.  Now is the time to live for God.  God spared many lives.  Gods Judgement is in the land.  Oh Father please grant souls mass salvation mass deliverance mass repentance.


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