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What a Sunday Morning!

I set in church attentive and enjoyed the word of God which I heard.  At one point asking God when will we as a people learn to come and worship and Praise.  How can I help for I prepare my heart and mind before I come to church.  It’s unfortunate that souls come to church to do the same old same old.  But I want to see God move each and every service.  Lord Jesus it’s almost like people has forgotten the reason to come to church.

No one should have to be yelled at.  Screamed up or down. Scaled like a fish to get Saved folk to worship and praise God.

Now when I think of it does God really want your Primed Pushed Provoked so-called Praise & Worship.  I Think not.

I’ve been hearing God strive for months now with Young people whose souls are set to do whatever they please.  It’s rough but Experience is not the best Teacher.  Young people don’t have to experience Life’s rough side.  God always has an Example for his people who has gone through what your heart is contemplating doing and/or done.

#Take Heed

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