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Wow time moves on its been since 1995 that my Mother passed away from a Massive heart attack.  I’m 100% better with my Grief.  It took God and it took me acknowledging that I needed Gods divine help.  The word had to applied to me.  The reality of never wanting to get out of bed during birthdays, holidays.  Yes its appointed once a man to die then Judgement by God Almighty.

My Father in Law has been gone since 1998 then my Mother in Law has been gone since 2001.   Life seems unreal I didn’t get to know them very well.  We all Lived in different states.  My Mother in Law as a cleaning woman.  I can smell bleach right now we lived together for a short period of time.  I recall waking up smelling bleach some days.

I miss these Women they would be very proud of us.  We are making it as they would say.  We are holding our own.  I know it’s Gods help.  Love your Mother’s & Fathers don’t allow 1 day out of the year to be special make every day special for your parents.

~Be Blessed~


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