I want to be more Anointed!

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Tonight 8 7 2012 God got the Glory out of myself and I thank God for the Power of Prayer.   I thank the Lord for Pastor & First Lady Ray allowing me to open up service Tonight with Prayer.  God is Awesome a Backslider was Delivered and Reclaimed.  God took Royal Family of God and turned a Bible study in to a Deliverance Station.

Tonight’s service makes me want to be More Anointed and used by God.  I’ve never worked with a soul on the Altar beside a Pastor & First Lady.  I’m so Humbled and all I can say is Lord I want the more of you.  I will decrease so that God can Increase in me.  I want to be Anointed it’s the Anointing of God which destroys yolks and Lifts burdens.

I watched God Transform a woman who was Drunk Red eyes into a Sober Delivered woman of God who began Prophesying and she didn’t even know the Sister at all.

I saw a First Lady show and display Love that I’ve never seen.  Royal Family of God is not a Traditional Ministry.  Royal Family of God has Jewels & I pray that God will continue to use this Ministry to Impact souls.  I pray that God would continue to Anoint Pastor and First Lady as never before.

I’m in Awe and I’m looking for more from God!

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