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So many times we have desires to do and because of the misuse of finances in the past it haunts us in the future.

I sit back and ponder the words people say how much they Love God and the Church and the Ministry.  Yet they do nothing but complain and never attend all the services as commanded by God.  Nor do they fully Support the church financially.  Folks always talk they always share how God has blessed them & is blessing them (since being apart of a New Ministry) in their own personal ministries.

Oh do I have a problem with that Yes Indeed.  God is helping me in this area. God said that we are not to sit in our Luxury homes and allow his house to go to waste.  Haggai 1:4~ I’ll give my last and I’ve given my last.  I’ll never live a Lie and make people think I have all that.  What you speak needs to be shown in deeds.

Lie not one to another the bible says.  Leviticus 19:11 & Colossians 3:9 We as Leaders in the church of God and in Ministry must not make the Ministry look bad (Represent God & Leaders) when we have the capabilities of making things look good, flow rightly, flourish spiritually we must do that.

Leadership can’t be coming in after the set hour of service.  Never attending all services and on our post when we should be.  It’s unfortunate but God has all our numbers.  St. Matthew 12:36 ~I may not say one word to you right  but God will give me an Avenue to share with you the Importance of being about what you speak about.

I may not have finances always to support but I can definitely spread the word, share a post, “Send up Prayers”.  If I can’t fully participate I should be able to share/do something.

God knows my desire is to be a blessing and my time is coming.  I’m looking forward to sowing into Ministries.  Financially supporting my Pastor’s God-given vision.  It’s not going to be much longer Gods going to open the flood gates for me to do for his people.  It’s in my heart.

Please be honest with yourself and be real because God already know your true intentions whether you about his Kingdom work or if it’s all about you.

If the Lord Lays on your heart to Sow into this Ministry feel free to do so. Be Blessed. Make checks payable to Royal Family of God COGIC

Royal Family of God COGIC

6517 6th Ave Suite #3

Tacoma WA 98406

Pastor James Ray Jr.


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