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Today was very busy my new friend is leaving for Idaho and it’s a little bit hurtful.  I feel like I’m personally losing out.  To gain a friend isn’t always easy for me it’s just I’ve not had someone who I was able to be close with and be able to share, cry and minister to and be ministered by.  It’s such a blessing to have her in my life this 11 1/2 months it will be one year in Sept that we’ve worshipped together in the same church.

God really knows how to make me feel good.  Today I went to go support my Brother-n-Christ his church is having a revival but it was re-scheduled for Thursday & Friday.  Anyhow I saw a Sister-n-Christ I use to attend a church together and she extended the opportunity for me to come and pray for an hour since the revival wasn’t taking place today.

I was feeling like wow I’ve driven all the way over here and no revival.  But God already knew everyone except me received a call. I was uplifted and encouraged in prayer.  Then my Sister-n-Christ said to me Sis. Sanders you have really changed I’m so glad for you.  Wow that blew me away with thankfulness to God. My desire to be even more humble.  My desire to let my light shine even more.  God knows how to uplift you.

~Shine Jesus~

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