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Questions come up from so many souls asking Why me many ask them selves why can’t they find a place of Refuge in the body of Christ? Many ask Why can’t they find a place where they can just serve God and his people? Many ask Why can’t they just enjoy life without the “extra drama”. We all know that life present problems but the “excess” problems are deafening to a soul.

Many souls are learning how they were blindsided by the enemy. Many have allowed the enemy to open a door and that door they thought was to “serve” but it was stumbling block. Wow it has been a lesson learned for us all yes Indeed I’ve learned a huge lesson personally.

We all must expect a mighty deliverance.

I hear the word say to arm our self likewise I’m to have the same mindset Jesus has 1 Peter 4:1 it’s interesting at this late date we are realizing this isn’t within the Will of God that we suffer when it’s not for Christ’s sake. We have put ourselves in these horrible situations. Many should have long ago ran as fast as one could. Yet God has gotten the glory out of it. The devil does not get the glory or have the victory. But it’s not something that he specifically wanted us to go through. It’s not in the Will of God that we struggle to go to church. It’s not the Will of God that we have Mis-trust issues. It’s not the Will of God that we can’t serve Gods
people faithfully.

Vindication belongs to God. God will protect us if we allow him. We have to learn to really trust that when God says it’s time to move left or right we must adhere to it. To sing Victory Victory it shall be mine if I “hold my peace” let the Lord fight my battle. So many feel it’s easy to sing it but the reality we must live it at all cost. As much as we love people we have allowed our health to be impacted our households to be negatively impacted God is not pleased with that. Lord forgive us.

We all must examine ourselves and look to God whose the Author and Finisher of our Faith.

Those horrible red flags are flying left and right. We have ignorantly ignored them because we don’t want to see people for who they are and as God reveals to us who they are. One thing I’ve learned is stop asking God to reveal the truth and uncover the tactics of the enemy when God does we (I) ignore it. Lord forgive me I will never do that again.

Father let the healing process begin for the many souls which have been impacted in the body of Christ for whatever reasons in Jesus name. #SayBlessed

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