Mindful Monday!

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Well it’s Monday again it’s so relaxing I’m so thankful for such a Spirit filled Sunday.  To think about how God blessed souls and healed delivered and strengthen encouraged souls Sunday is something to think about.

God is so Great Merciful Kind Loving my Lord there’s not enough words to express my Love for God.  Nothing I deserve yet God continues to bless me and my Family.

I’m in Great expectation of what Gods going to do in my home.  Salvation in my household. Unity in the church I expect a Mighty Deliverance in the church that I’m in from the Pulpit to the door.

Had a chance to read the word and pray for souls.

Yet my heart longs to support Gods people even more and I know in Gods time I will be able to.

So thankful for my Husband who supports me despite him not being in the church but that’s going to change in Gods time as well.

Had a chance to listen to “I Win” CD by Marvin Sapp very uplifting.

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