Morning Prayer 8 3 2018

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Good morning Father thank you for the gift of life health and strength Lord you have allowed me to see another day one of the favorite days of the year Friday God your are so loving and merciful you are Sovereign Father please keep me near the cross don’t allow me to move to the left or to the right order my steps give me hinds feet in the earth touch and heal this body for by your stripes I’m healed God I believe the report of the Lord since time it’s not changed I stand on it I look for it manifest yourself¬† God answer me with haste bless my church my pastor the more answer the spoken prayers the desires of there hearts according to your divine will for them Lord meet the needs wants the desires that’s within your perfect will lets the souls come rushing in Lord you make promises and we are waiting God what must we do to make things shift Lord what can I do to make things shift give us divine instruction Lord every directive we have done we have listened and obeyed you Lord you see and you know I believe the radio ministry will be back I know we will be traveling Father put us all on that path that these things can happen God touch the bereaved families comfort there hearts in the earth save and deliver souls regulate minds fix the hearts of the wicked help them turn from there ways give them a heart to surrender Lord souls that don’t know of you put believers with a powerful anointed testimony in there path Lord touch Sis Ann God I believe you can heal her Lord I know that your able to heal her Father let her soul be right with you let her mind be regulated God don’t allow her to get put out dealing with ungodly family Lord give her peace let these folks move out and go on there ways so she can have peace in her soul so that she will be able to draw closer to you God I thank you for being able to meet her Lord I desire her to come to church and be prayed for give her that desire Lord so much is going on with the government the local election father give me who to vote for we only want who you want in the office God thank you for another chance and another opportunity to draw closer to you save my family my loved ones deliver from drinking drugs mental illness stress hurt pain heal hearts minds and souls deliver them from sin make them free deliver them from bondage make ways open doors you see the situation many people in the earth have Father let your perfect will be done in there lives in Jesus name Amen

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