Morning Prayer 8 4 2018

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Good morning Father thank you for the gift of life health and  strength Lord you are faithful to me God as I continue to consecrate myself Lord you hear and see the prayer I have up before you God the family is a wreck bind up the devil that comes against the saved loved ones God severe the ungodly influences in the marriages and homes of the saved destroy the plans of the enemy God you see satan’s plans and plots and schemes I release a blood missile into his womb God let your divine intervention begin for the saved in my family let us all surrender submit to your perfect will God I know that you are in control I know that you have our best interest save and deliver the adult children save the grandchildren bring conviction to the women who have left you and no longer adhere to your word they were raised up in holiness God transform there hearts and minds draw them back to you the backslider in the earth deal with them Lord you are married to them Father touch every pastor on today as they are settling in to prepare for sunday don’t allow them to run all day taking business calls not spending time in your face let them hear you clearly Father send you word on Sunday like a hammer don’t allow any souls to come into your house depression oppressed Father your all seeing all knowing there nothing you can’t do let our will’s conform to your will let us birth out the babies no more still born saints no more premature death God help us to get away from religious living and get a personal relationship with you God you see those battling cancer on my list name by name Lord your comfort if it’s your will heal Lord let there souls be right with you save deliver and make free strengthen the family members Lord help the doctors to come up with a cure a divine cure a treatment that will change all this diseases Lord I know that the hearts of mankind is wicked I can see Father the hatred the racism the oppression on the poor how the law enforcement has not kept there oath how the government is not keeping there word under the constitution God deal with these organization don’t allow them to harm the innocent Lord the children who aren’t back with there parents from immigration Lord deal with the president divine intervene Lord let every child be placed back with there families Lord you see the homeless give every city a solution for those who desire a solution that is homeless lord those who need jobs God open doors release application the filed away never being used touch human resources to give people a chance Lord the young man in the dollar store who was late I don’t know if it was by accident intentional but it’s unacceptable Lord I pray that he gets a job and that he was able to get another interview Lord help your men and women to be serious about there lives employers don’t have time to waste God you see my situation increase multiplication God you know my desires healing closer walk you see my friends and there families God intervene save deliver and set free draw them by your power God if any gang members trying to infiltrate families destroy them God remove and severe the ties Lord I ask you to bring this child to his knees by any means his selfishness his arrogance his disrespect for your house his family deal with him Lord you see those who run business God bless increase the products the customers the locations Father don’t allow the enemy to block anything that our hands do unto you and to our families Lord we need resources let nothing be missing and nothing broken God touch heal those sick and afflicted in the earth let your blood cover them I pray there souls is ready to meet you I pray healing is there portion restore families restore marriage let a revival be release in the earth God send prophets to Washington State send words of knowledge to Washington state God your all knowing all powerful there is nothing to hard for you make things happen for us Lord you see everything I want to do the sandwich board the communion trays God please bring increase to my household order my steps this day give me favor by fire and by force in Jesus name Amen

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