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We all need to do a Faith check and make sure we really have the Faith we talk about.  Sometimes we find that what we say don’t measure up to what we actually do.  We must watch what we speak in our lives and definitely over others lives. God doesn’t want his people speaking damnable things and thing try to give a word of Exhortation.  God does not have Good and Evil within him.  Since we say God lives with us we must not allow Exhortation/Condemnation to come out of our mouths.

Making sure we follow the prescribed formula of Hearing what God says and by reading what God says in the word is essential. God has given us Pastors who we must teach what God has and is saying through the word of God. Until we do this we will not be established in our Faith nor receive the Bountiful Blessings God has for us.

Worship/Praise is Essential for the believer it’s like a Life Line.  Many must learn how to Worship/Praise God in the midst of trouble.  It’s very easy to Worship/Praise God when things are going right.  Worship/Praise extends across the world no one culture has a Monopoly on Worship/Praise.  Recognizing that worship is not about us and it’s about our Lord we should be able to set aside our desires.

When we learn to worship/praise from our hearts it will bring about a Trueness and we must maintain that Realness in and through the power of God.

Real Living for God’s people is Applying the word of God to our everyday Life. I would  like to leave with you the 8 steps by Dr. Golden for Real Living:

1. Working at fostering your relationship with God

2. Consistently increasing in the word of God through diligent study and prayer

3. Giving unconditional praise

4. Rendering sincere worship

5. Discipline and relationship with God attracting others and causing them to desire what brings you this kind of Joy

6. Peace in the midst of apparent storms

7. A steadfast stand that in spite of what I see, think, or feel, God is who He says He is

8. Properly aligned expectations of God and others

Dr. Jacquelyn D. Golden has shared some very Essential Simple Truths and it’s even more in-depth reading I admonish you to get her book.  It’s a fact what you don’t know will destroy you.  Gods people don’t have to be stunted spiritually/spiritually die do to lack of knowledge.  God has given Godly Authors who are willing to share their life experiences.  How they overcame and what it takes to stay a overcomer.  Thank you Dr. Golden for sharing may God Bless you even the more.  May your book sale out in the Mighty name of Jesus.  ~BE BLESSED~

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