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I’m sitting and thinking about my Friend we’ve been Fellowshipping for 15 years+. She’s a Wonderful woman of God. Great gospel singer. I can hear her singing I am a Friend of God. For sometime her relationship in Ministry has been on hold. Now she’s gone for good.

I’m thinking of what will one do to save a Friend’s soul. Am I saying she’s backslide Nope. I just don’t think I’ve done enough. My friend decided to leave so we don’t fellowship. It hurts because I’ve been told for my own good don’t fellowship with her.

Then I think of the Evidence (he say/she say) nothing physically concrete yet this soul is gone and she doesn’t keep in touch. In order to be obedient I’m not to talk to her. Does humans make errors Yes so maybe this is a human error.

What would Jesus do?

Questions that were brought to me Why don’t Leaders know there people? After all they watch over their soul? Why don’t they know what a person will not do or say? Leaders are only Human as well. I have no answers. All I want is for my friend to be ok Spiritually.

The bible speaks of one sheep being lost and the shepherd left the group of sheep and went after that one sheep. WoW that is what Jesus would do and we being like Jesus are to do the same. THAT’S POWERFUL!

So to resolve and lift this hold 3 people were sent to get this hold lifted off and there was no resolve.
What question would come to your mind?

I don’t come to an automatic native conclusion I’m thinking this takes someone with Authority one whose been given a charge over souls. What I think doesn’t matter and God didn’t resolve this by me going to assist. You want to be in good with those in Authority but at what price.

What if this soul is called home and this issue is not resolved. Whose to blame alone with that crushed soul.
God knows how to equip his people because I’m looking from a Spiritual viewpoint yet I can feel the carnal woman wanting to disobey and get this fixed. I tell myself leave it alone. Your not God girl.

Do I feel my Friend should come back to the Ministry I don’t know according to Forgiveness Yes because True forgiveness is as though nothing has happened. But in Reality No- people have a choice/free will and I know it takes God and a Love for God to be under the Ministry I’m under.

One thing I do know it’s not about agreeing with Authority or my Friend. It’s about What would Jesus do?

It’s not even about being right or wrong. Regardless a Soul is at stake. My Heart hurts for my Friend. We use to communicate daily by text message emails. My friend loves to take care of the sick. My Friend loves to make sure your ok when she didn’t see you at any service. So now whose making sure my Friend is ok.

I have that Answer Nobody but God this my Friend God will fix it. I’m still praying and asking God to remove this Hold. I use the word Hold very Lightly.
When people clash in Ministry I take it to Heart because I’ve been there and only God can intervene and help and heal. All things works together for the good. The Enemy will feed you a lot of mess when you leave the Ministry. Spiritual Warfare 4Real!

My Friend I don’t know if you will ever read this but I Love you and I’m praying and Gods got this be Encouraged Be Blessed!

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