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Faith is very important in our lives I like what was said by Dr. Golden that Faith=what is desired in the natural but currently exist in the spirit.

Words that come to mind about Faith: Patience Wait Transition Active Complete.

Learning that Anxiety is a deceiver which makes one believe that they are activating their faith. That’s a truth that must be revealed. We spend time asking God to Increase our Faith when we should be asking God to help us Activate our Faith. Yes Dr, Golden the word has stated God has given us all a measure of Faith.

This stage we all go through and we must show some Works. It was refreshing to read that there are 60 kinds of Faith with scriptures to back up each. Out of the total 12 we as believers should not be trying to Activate. Get the book to learn more about them.  Study the word come up with the list share with me on this posts lets see if you came up with those Dr. Golden listed.


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