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After reading Spiritual History 101 I realized even more that God intended for his people to live a Wonderful life. Before sin made a touchdown through our Spiritual Parents Adam & Eve life was Beautiful.

God being all-knowing must have said to himself well it looks like I will have to use more power beyond creativity. I now must become a Restorer. God looked at this sinful world as a painting which has been left to mildew, sitting in a closet dusty waiting to be made new. The church has been defined as Baptized believers. Many of Gods people are running from God. Our Lord is so merciful and patient that he will wait. Everytime the Lord brush you with a different color you began to run in mind,heart.

God has so many paintings with various distinction the very streaks of paint God knows. We are numbered named known by our very hairs on our heads. God has predestined the church in which he has established. Whatever name we come up with the beginning & end result is Holiness.

Ministries that are birth in and through God always struggle but are never defeated.  When God has birth out a church it’s up to the body of baptized believers to compel people to join the church.

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