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In the continuance of reading simple truths I do agree the Church should be a community of human beings who share a lifestyle choice of holiness. Holiness sets the church apart from all other religions, Institutions. Read Isaiah 35:8 So many people are confused today about what truly is the definition of

It’s very important to realize that the church God has establish has a very strict foundation. St. Matthew 16:18  There are several ways to look into the word church.  One way is the church is a group of baptized believes in Christ Jesus.  Then you have the physical building which God has said we must not forget to go into deliberately on a regular basis.

The church is not a social club.  The church should never be looked at as something to do on a Sunday just because we can’t find anything else to do.  It is a place of worship. St. James 1:26 Everyone who goes must go to worship in spirit and in truth. St. John 4:24

I do believe the reason behind folks going to church needs to be looked at closer. Many who are going and those who are not have lots of questions which only the truth can help everyone make a sound decision.

Prayer is essential for all the saints and prayer must be done with a sincere heart. even though there are many forms of prayer we have to realize that when we begin praying the intention is to believe what you were praying about don’t ask amiss and then we must realize that God will answer our prayers. I never thought about breaking for down into various groups. Realizing what area we are praying for when we start praying. Knowing that we can use the Lords prayer as a model will help us. Newborn babes start off saying the Lords prayer. We all must graduate mature into praying words from the heart. I always say as believers we must Live what we talk about. I am enjoying reading Simple Truths!

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