No Idea but in Expectancy

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CAN’T SLEEP-What does one think, feel even how does one-act. The mind games are real. The enemy is yet a liar. I speak over myself and my household my ministry my Church Victory. God I am expecting God Almighty to show how. The Holyghost will be in the midst as never before. Father we pray right now strength for your Servants. Lord you soak the church grounds in your blood. You charge the Atmosphere like never before. Holyghost you are in control. Father we bind all flesh. We bind all wicked motives attitudes in the name of Jesus. Father remove fear and anxiety. Show us how to support. Minister in Excellence. God your all-wise lead and guide us. Saturate your Prophet Anoint him reveal to him names sincere desires sincere motives and intents. Reign down in “The Hour”. Every song let it be Anointed whoever is playing Anoint them. All those following & supporting the prophet Anoint them father. Bless the giving in abundance. Over flow in the Spirit Over flow in the finance cancel the strategies of the devil. Cancel debt. Manifestations in every area. Souls saved sanctified filled with the Holyghost. Father miracles physical mental emotional spiritual. Fill with the Holyghost w/evidence of Speaking in tongues. Lord you are great we want to reach a higher level. HEIGHTEN our spiritual windows. God give sincere hearts Repentive Hearts Father give Hearts wanting deliverance breakthroughs. Stop souls from drinking smoking stealing LYING cheating manipulation. Every evil spirit Father cast it out in the mind out of the soul in Jesus name Amen

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