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On the Job Training in the Church is very rare for me.  I can recall sitting for over 15 years desiring to work in Gods Vineyard.  I didn’t have the courage, will, know how to show that God had done a mighty work in my life.  I set watching women of God be used and I wondered Lord I want my turn to be used.

I realized that I had to surrender, forgive, more forward.  I had to show God I wanted to be used. I had to show God I was willing to give up anything and everything in order to be used by God.

Being used by God cause a high price.  Prayer and reading/studying Gods word. Mediating and Fasting.  Lord knows I’m so glad that I’m not like I use to be nor do I want to go back.  I’m moving forward in God and in my life.

My Assurance in God is off the chain.  My Faith in God has increased to a level that has me in awe.  I’m so excited for how much God loves me and how he Anoints me to work in his Vineyard.  The Joy I have is for who God is not what he’s doing and have done for me.

I’m Amazed at how God places me within the confines of security in his Kingdom.  God has his servants covering me with prayer.  Prayer is really essential in every area of my life.  Cornerstone Community COGIC has played a vital part in my spiritual growth by allowing me to come within Gods house and allow me to do OJT in the Vineyard of God.

Much love and thanks & Appreciation to Pastor Lott and Co-Pastor Patricia Lott it’s such a privilege & honor to serve.

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