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Man in watching these political convention nothing said is helping America make a true decision of who they want for the next president.  One thing I do know is God already has his choice regardless of what Man do or don’t do.

It will be refreshing to get a Political candidate who will run and just state what they desire to do for the Americans.  All this junk of name calling and bashing one another through commercials.  It’s all a waste of time and money.  Candidates set your goals on what’s achievable and what will be a long-term goal for America.  Present that without all this Ridiculous bashing.

The Reality is it took Years to get in this Financial mess and it will take Years to get out.  It’s not like this is the first time America’s Economy has been in this state.  God always brings America out.  No one President will be able to do it all in one Term.  Our current President nor the next President.

America wants instant fixes sorry time heals all things.  I have many concerns with all Candidates as well as our current President.  As a African-American Christian I do not feel obligated to vote for a Black President because he’s Black.  I don’t feel Obligated to vote for anyone due to Lives Lost so that I can vote.

It’s my Job to vote because in the end I can’t complain about what’s not happening nor what shall come to pass down the road.  Our lives are Predestined by God and when you think your making a choice you’re doing what God has already known you would do from the beginning.

It’s our duties as Americans to get a clear understanding and make a wise decision through Prayerful consideration not Emotionalism.

Some of these statements/comments I hear “so-called” christian utter out their mouths are Mind boggling.  We must stay in control and represent Christendom.



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