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PRHM Pastor Joseph Kumi Co-Pastor Melinda Kumi

Missny Keisha PRAYED covering all areas as the Saints ushered in the Presence of the Lord.

Co-Pastor Melinda Kumi spoke concerning the prophecy that “came to pass” thru Prophet Dominic Blessings that Chicago would have a great blood shed and on the 4th of July it was so. ☆Always a warning before destruction/lets continue to pray & pray for the Saints in Chicago that God would Intervene even the more.


Prophet Dominic Blessings informed the body of Christ that he was a Prophet from God and he has went to many prayerlines and he’s had to spiritually discipline leaders who didnt use the prayerline correctly that leader called and came correct because Prophet Dominic Blessings spoke the truth to that leader.

Prophet testified of going to Heaven and not wanting to leave God let him know that he had work to complete and once do fulfills Gods Will he will come be with the Lord again.

Prophet Dominic Blessings said every time a prophecy come to you go ask God is it of you God.

Pray and ask God if the person is from God so they will not lead you to Hell.

Be careful dont allow people to lay hands on you. Spirits transfer and those demonic spirits will play out in your spirit. Know those who you labor among they are preaching the gospel yet not living the gospel. THERE WAS PHONE TROUBLE IN THE SPIRIT AND NATURALLY!

Romans 6:23
Many will face punishment for the wages of sin is death. Not many will go to heaven. Let our lives reflect Jesus at all time. Prophet Dominic Blessings asked the Saints to seek God to open our eyes.

Co-Pastor Melinda Kumi closed out the Prayerline upholding the words that God spoke thru Prophet Dominic spoke.

~Two Praise Reports~
Co-Pastor Melinda Kumi PRHM has established an Organic Community Garden God answered the prayer
Co-Pastor Melinda Kumi Admonished the saints to get inline with being Healthy even as we prosper in our souls. Mother Sanders went to the Dr. and every area she has Improved TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY.

Check throughout the evening and/or early Tomorrow (Facebook) Prophet Dominic Blessings possibly will continue to reveal what God is saying to those on Prayer Rescue House Ministries Prayerline.

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