Prayers of the Righteous Avails (7th month)

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Father in this the seven month of the year we thank you for the gift of life health and strength we thank you for completion is apart of our DNA we are moving forward and not looking back Father we declare that our lives are fruitful not barren we are living a prosperous life naturally and spiritually in Jesus name Lord every demonic activity that tries to speak against our lives we curse it back to the pits of hell every voice of wickedness we reverse it back to the sender our families and our ministry our church is blessed flourishing with souls who are being healed delivered and made free souls are hungering after you souls are thriving and receiving the baptism of the holyghost with fire and with evidence of speaking in tongues Father our businesses are complete with qualified staff and a overflow of investors an overflow of clientele Lord everyone looking to make career changes make a way open a door meet the needs the financial blockages are broken down and the walls are crumbling by fire by force our loved ones are being transformed by salvation deliverance regulated minds and hearts God a divine shift is taking place in marriages in our health we are receiving the healing balms being released over our lives and our families and in the earth Father your all seeing and all knowing your divine will your perfect will is being performed in our lives Father every wicked thoughts or deed that would bring about hinderances to your people let it be null and void by your blood Father enlighten your people put our spirits on high alert give us all keen discernment in the mighty name of Jesus don’t allow the enemy to fool us nor come near us in the name of Jesus remove blindness undergird this flesh we bring our bodies under subjection to the power of the holyghost we fast and pray we submit and we surrender we have the wisdom knowledge and the understanding for every area of our life Father we thank you for clarity we thank you for there is nothing missing and nothing broken in our lives in Jesus mighty and precious name Amen


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