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Pastor Joseph Kumi Co-Pastor Melinda Kumi of Prayer Rescue House Ministries

Join the Prayer Line every Saturday 6 pm 1 218-548-6369 Access code #954768

Praying for direction and for the daily cares concerns in this life.

-Prophet Dominic Blessings from Mayalasia-

Thanking God for our Life and our Families.

Leave our past behind its causing us troubles.  Anger Drinking etc…SIN Our Past is causing us Damage.  We have life issues thats out of control and we can’t handle it send in a prayer request to PRHM and Prophet Dominic Blessings will pray for our TOTAL DELIVERANCE.

FORGIVE in the name of Jesus Christ. Give God a chance by leaving the past behind.

~This is the time to REPENT~

Restoration of the Heart Happiness/Joy in the Family.

Thank God For the Break Through in our Families in the name of Jesus-Hallelujah!

<Our Homes are Blessed>


Welcome to the Land of Victory & Land of Peace…

We are at our Destiny We shall have a D×××× Expect a Miracle!







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