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~Intercessory Prayer Co-Pastor Melinda Kumi~ Prophet Dominic Blessings: Its all about God grace. Ask Forgiveness so that we can receive our Blessing. MUST have a pure Heart only the pure in heart shall see God. Forgive and don’t remember the offense anymore. Get closer to the person that offends us. Its blocking our blessings and causing us problems. Let it go! Pray to God about the weakness in our life. Forgive in the families.Open our eyes so we can see whats happening. Unforgiveness is destroying the world. Unforgiveness will cause us to go to Hell. The Angels of God can’t deliver the message that God has given you. The blessings of God can’t flow because of Unforgiveness. Conqueror these weakness God has given us power and authority. You control money don’t let money control you. As Gods children we can Command it. Stand Firm in the Lord. The fight is not ours stop the generational curse/fights stand in God and confront the enemy which comes against the family. “Ask” for knowledge from God. Pray and ask God please help us to be Vigilant Father. Proverbs 21:1 ♡Lord let our King(s) come help us we need our King(s) touch there hearts Father.

~Prophet Dominic Blessings of Mayalasia~

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