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~Prophet Dominic Blessings~
There is a Spiritual Warfare which came down through our families. Prophet sung-Because he lives we can face Tomorrow.
The enemy is fighting against us in a big way.
Stand against the demons that’s coming against our families.
The enemy is dwelling within souls within our Families.
Keep what God is doing quiet don’t share until the Blessings come to pass the enemy is hindering the blessings.
The Pioneers of our families could not overcome this Spiritual Warfare and now God is ready to deliver in our families.

Clean our Spiritual Houses/We must have a Pure House
Psalms 54:1-3
God will save us from the enemy and all the plans of the enemy. This is Spiritual hear what the Spiritual is saying to us. God will defeat the devil. God speaks the Truth. God is ready to deliver us. God is going to deliver us from the Generational demons. Folks with pride within the family they are controlled by witchcraft. God is going to deliver.
Stand in the gap stand strong pray against these spirits that’s come to hinder us and hinder our blessings.
God is getting ready to show you the demise of your enemy.
God is destroying every contract that the enemy has and is planning.

♡Prophet Dominic Blessings prayed against Spiritual Warfare in our families all generational curses that fight against us in the name of Jesus.

♡Prophet Dominic Blessings PRAYED FOR AMERICA
Reveal and Stop every plan & plot of the enemy let your light shine in America.

♡Prophet Dominic Blessings
Reveal and Stop every plan & plot of the enemy let your light shine in Chicago.

♡Prophet Dominic Blessings
Prophetess in America
Reveal and Stop every plan & plot of the enemy to Kill this Woman of God we prayed against in the name of Jesus.
-Minister Wallace niece-
☆Jessica a family member Prayed for her Mind Soundness Healthy mind.
☆ God is delivering a soul name Ruth.

DELIVERANCE IS HERE:God has opened the Prophets eyes the Spiritual Warfare has been destroyed and the Lord is allowing the Blessings to Flow. God is giving us back all we lost and we are Reclaiming all our Blessings.


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