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Racism is defined as hatred or intolerance of another race  or races.  Cloak is something that covers or conceals; disguise; pretense.

I can only speak about my race which many in White America has called my race Niggers Colored Blacks African-Americans those I know I’ve heard and/or been called.

I know without a doubt racism is real and it’s not gone anyway it’s cloaked.  In all States there is racism some racism is more apparent than others.

Regardless of how black people advances in America we will always be looked down upon.  Blacks have succeeded & advanced in just about every area of Life if not every area of Life and history limits detailed information about Black America’s success.

If this world took away everything that Blacks have created this world would not be able to function.  That’s the good thing about Technology you can find out all the valuable contributions Blacks have made in this world.

White America smiles in your face yet if they had the opportunity they wouldn’t allow Blacks to vote to live in their neighbors or to have their children attend the same schools.  Blacks would not be able to eat in the same place or attend the same Theater.  White America would not Worship together.  White America longs for Segregation.

What I like about many in White America they say exactly what they feel and think.  Like the Klan yet Cowards but they speak their minds.  You can respect a person for Honesty even if they are wrong in their thinking.

Down South has never changed in its belief about Blacks.  Many people were born and raised Racist and they have no intentions of changing.  Blacks are still being Run over called names hung from trees.

Racism today cloaks itself by not offering same or higher wage paying jobs.  Using gender as a means to pay lower or pass up an application.  Fixing the economy where Welfare Unemployment  Inability to get Educated to name a few areas used to try to keep Blacks down.  The Problem is White America is getting caught in this same death loop which is set for Black America.  Blacks are competition for White America and many are Afraid that if Blacks get to close that White America is going downhill.

Sorry to say all the Lies in the media about Welfare Drugs Music Black America is not responsible.  Welfare was created for White America to help make there lives easier.  Blacks don’t have Airplanes Boats etc to Transport Drugs in Large quantities in America.  Black are not the Employees whose allowing these Drugs into the country.  White America wants to say that the music which comes from the Black culture is the reason killings murders and society is becoming depraved.

The Fear for White America is that their children can relate to the music.  White America likes dressing talking eating like the Black culture.  Instead of asking their children why they like the Black culture so much White America go into this Racism mode of protection.  White America it’s not Musicians jobs to mentor or advice White America’s children on what they should be listening to or how they should dress or talk.

What society don’t understand they have become Paranoid instead of Investigative.  Fear is a major threat.  You can die from Fear your heart can’t handle “excessive” fear.  White America never wanted Blacks to be included in anything.  With the many laws that have been created for whatever reason White America will never look at Blacks as a worthy nation of people who have earned and deserve what they have.

No human being in this world has given Blacks anything they have.  They Earned everything they have.  White America hasn’t realized that yet.  Let the truth be told they don’t care.

Blacks have their hands in every  Area of White America success.  We may not initially get the credit for our input but someone somewhere has documented the Efforts of Blacks.

What’s really mind-boggling is there are Poor people in White America. Yet they are not looked upon as being lower than or equal to Blacks in Poverty.  They to don’t have a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of but that will never be admitted to.

My point of this blog is to let Americans as a Whole know whether you believe it or not Racism hasn’t gone anywhere it has never went anywhere.  JUST CLOAKED!


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