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Well I’m quite fine now I’ve had a Wonderful day at work.  We had 2 unnecessary encounters.

Parents of children with special needs.  For those who are Guilt Ridden and don’t ever discipline your child your wrong as two left shoes.  Get out of the Guilt zone if you could have had a “normal” child you would have.  God choose you because he knew you were special enough to deal with the child.  It’s sad to work in the school system and see disabled children acting like they are animals.

This student today spit, kicked, hit, cussed at a Teacher just because she asked him to take his seat class was beginning.  That wasn’t an unreasonable request.

Then to think some staff used reasoning for his behavior as he’s unable to get excited.  The Holidays and Birthdays make him overly excited.  Excuse me do you know how many more Holidays we have to go through before the Holiday season ends.

No excuses No Teacher should have to take the Abuse of an undisciplined child just because he has a problem with being overly excited. His butt needs to be beat and he needs to suffer consequences/privileges taken away.

I don’t have a special needs child but I’ve worked with them enough to know that if you can form cuss words and act a fool.  Threaten other children & staff where they are fearful then you need discipline.  God does not give Parents children to allow them to run wild.

I blame the Parents of this child and any child whose not discipline.  Don’t blame the police and society. Don’t blame the Parent who walked out and left the family.  Don’t make difficulty of Life.  We all have had problems are having problems and will continue to have problems.  We all must in the end be Parents.  If you truly Love your child don’t allow them to grow up and act a Monkey & then you blame society.

Seek Help and Guidance ~ Pray for Gods helps/strength ~ Read the bible ~ Take your child to church ~ Remove Television/Video games out of the Bedrooms.

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