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Stand to means don’t bend nor bow to the tactics which will make you fall.  During 6:oo pm prayer with Prayer Rescue House Ministries with Co-Pastor Melinda Kumi I was uplifted and empowered to stand even the more.

I’ve been going thru a spiritual war zone and I couldn’t figure out Lord what’s going on.  But now I know even the more it’s all in Gods Divine Plan.

So I took upon myself to go back and look at the messages I’ve spoken on & one’s God has given me for the future.

1. God did it (Deut 6:12)

2. Faith do you really have it? (2 Thess 3:2)

3. Who are you representing when you come to church? (Working on this message)

4. Mary the mother of Jesus

5. Walking in our calling “salvation”

6. Keeping it holy in the Season

7. What are we living by? (Working on this message)

8. Love and Kindness (Working on this message)

9. Promises of God (Working on this message)

10. Gods promises never fail

11. Can these dry bones live? (Ezekiel 37:1-11)

12. What’s the Rush?

13. We must possess the twin “salvation/Holiness”

14. Blessing (Psalm 1:1)

15. We’re yet pressing on (Phil 3:12-14) “Unfinished”

16. How’s your outfit & Accessories (Working on this message)

So after carefully looking over these message the main theme is Linda has to stand at all cost.  The enemy does not know what we are thinking until we speak it into the atmosphere.  We must realize the silence is important.  We must value our words enough that the enemy has to wonder, play a guessing game.

No one could have ever told me that this trial I’m within would be so Impactful spiritually.  One thing I’m learning is that Gods removing everything within me that’s not like him and replacing with Spiritual Attributes of himself.

People are wicked as the bible says and they have ungodly hang ups. We as Gods people must not allow people to pull you into their warped world.  The enemy like to have an audience to promote his wickedness. I am a witness God will shut you down emotionally and make you silent.

I’m a witness that you will be able to move forward in Ministry when the enemy tries to stop you.  Whatever platform God has for you it’s for you.  Not a devil roaming this earth will be able to stop Gods Divine plan.

We must continually humble ourselves down and Obey God.

I’m so thankful for a Godly Pastor Elder James W. Ray who means business with God.  Yet a down to earth man of God whose compassionate for righteousness stands firm.  It’s all about Jesus and what does that word of God says on all matters.

What I’ve learned is all matters of Life the Bible is the final says so.  What would Jesus say in and about the matter.  The Enemy wants me to fall and the more he combats me he fails.  It’s not about me but it’s about the God in me.

So we must stand even if things look bleak.  Stand regardless of the physical eye its spiritual.  See all life situation through the eyes of God.




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