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excessively emotional character: the emotionalism of sentimental fiction.
strong or excessive appeal to the emotions: the emotionalism of patriotic propaganda.
a tendency to display or respond with undue emotion, especially morbid emotion.
unwarranted expression or display of emotion.
You may be asking yourself why is she defining this word.  I learned on this Journey that I’m not able to live in the state of (Excessive) Emotionalism it hinders my walk with God.  It’s a tool the enemy uses against me.  In order to be effective I have to make sure that I’m walking talking and living within Gods spirit.  I have to speak Gods word in spirit and in truth not emotionalism.
As you can see Emotionalism has one essential word that is important and must be focused on and it’s  “Excessive”.
St. Mark 10:9 says What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. Don’t allow the enemy to come into our lives, marriages, homes and destroy.  THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!
Know that I’m praying for you and Gods is in control Be Blessed!

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