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In the 1950’s God gave the President to establish a covenant concerning “MONEY” America you can manufacture it but I don’t want money to be your source. I the Lord God is your supplier. God is our source so put on the “MONEY” IN GOD WE TRUST. So why now in the 21st century are we trying not to depend on God. If you no longer believe in that statement by God. Stop using his “MONEY”. You may be thinking what sense does that make the principle of being able to choose as a citizen of the USA. “Freedom” to choose is powerful. Established laws are powerful. When you go anywhere and you don’t like the service you don’t return. You no longer participate or buy from that establishment. You no longer consider that “environment” suitable for you and/or your family. When something doesn’t taste good you stop eating it. Apply the same principle to “MONEY”. The reality of this “Ridiculous propaganda” is those who hate God whom they say don’t exist (he does) need the “money” to live and survive. Taking a founded statement off of the “money” will not happen. Stop fooling with God what you deem trivial is quite Major. Those who are trying to remove established words off of the money this is a warning please stop. Your on a dangerous path. Read 1 Timothy 6:10!



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