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In reading Genesis to think God created the serpent to walk upright on two legs just like human beings. The serpent wasn’t an ugly creature he was beautiful and that’s part of the reason eve couldn’t resist talking to him everyday. Many times we as Gods people are intrigued by glamorous things and God has already given us instructions not to be Bewitched, know your adversary, don’t be beguiled. Statements like these aren’t to be taken lightly.

Why give up a sure thing such Heaven (Eternal) for a little pleasure down here on earth. That pleasure lasts for that moment. We have to spend eternity somewhere. God always keeps his promises.

I was thinking about the world today how we allow children to Nurse the breast and drink bottles past a reason age of 2 years old. Even in the bible the children were Weaned. Genesis 21:8.
We as Mother’s need to look into this very carefully.

*What are we willing to sacrifice in order to show God we mean business about living a Holy Life Faithful to God and God alone NO MATTER WHAT!
*Whose Blessed because of our Obedience?

Many times we as Christians don’t allow people to grieve in a timely and healthy way. We want to rush them thru the process we must all consider ourselves especially if we haven’t walked that same path. How would you want to be treated.

God gives his people reasons why he doesn’t want us to do things. A believer and an unbeliever should not marry because they can’t agree on the word. So if you do marry either party then your telling God I’m willing to suffer the consequences of my actions. Believe me from personal experience there are lots of suffering.

When we say agree or consent and give our word we must keep our word it’s our bond. Just as God keeps his promises and his word we must do the same. There will be times that we truly mean to do something but circumstances prevent us. We then must own up and make mends not giving excuses but assuring the other party we meant well and if they are spiritual they will understand.

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