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Several Words that come to mind from reading thru the book of Genesis. Tricksters Liars Deceivers. Now I understand where Sibling rivalry comes from Jacob and Esau. I now understand how Parents have Favorites in the family. It’s wrong Parents to have a Favorite child. It’s wrong to make your child Lie and covet others blessings items etc..
God does not look highly upon a parent using their child. When you know you’re doing something wrong adult children that goes against God DON’T DO IT.
Parents we can’t use guilt to get our children to do what we want.
When we go into different place, homes, organizations, churches, facilities. Know the rules, laws. One can get tricked into doing something they really don’t want to do and then they still have to pay a price down the road to get what we exactly wanted. KNOW WHAT YOUR WORKING FOR!

Have a Standard and a line you will not cross.
If you’re in the dating scene have a standard. Have high Expectations don’t date below Godly Standards. They should be doing at your level or above not beneath. Your Lifestyles would parallel at all times.

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