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To think we as people don’t learn from the first trial. We have to go thru the same trial over and over and over. Until we hit rock bottom we don’t learn that’s no a way to live. The King (Pharoah) did not listen nor heed the warning God had given. God allows turmoil to hit our homes,lives, families. We just refuse to heed the warnings. We don’t seem to realize it’s going to continue to happen until we stop and learn the Lesson at hand. That final lesson just might be unbearable.
God will give us step by step instruction. We must stop and listen and follow the exact directions.
Male children are very Important to God. We must make sure that we raise up these Male children to Love the Lord because God has Great things in store for them.
Once God give us the Instructions to get out and we move forward don’t take upon yourself to play pity pat with the Enemy (devil).
We don’t have to fight for ourselves God has our back. When God fixes our situations it’s permanent. God does not use band-aids they are temporary fixes.
If you don’t follow Gods instruction you don’t have a right to complain. murmuring is a SIN!
Phil 2:14
As much as I Like Money I believe God does not want his people working on a Sunday. We need to be available for Praise and Worship all day long.
We can’t come to God any kind of way we must be spiritual cleaned and ready to receive. If we know that we’ve mess up. Don’t roll around in the mistake. Get up and ask forgiveness and move forward with the Intentions of never doing that mistake again.
God is Jealous and he will not have you or I placing people things and situations before him at no time.
We as a society know the Ten commandments some of us have kept them from a child.
If an individual has not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and they have not broken the Ten Commandments does not mean that you are saved or a Christian. What it means you have been taught good morals and have adhered to those teaching. Yet you do what you want through out your life. Your life is not governed by God’s word. Just read and apply Romans 10:9!

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