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In studying the book of number there were a lot of details on counting people.  There were so many people back in the biblical days.  Moses started the Census.  We in society don’t realize that everything in our life today go back to the Bible.  There are Answers to our lives in the bible. There are Answers to our daily questions in the bible. Situations in our lives can be answered by studying the bible. 

God gives his leaders specific instructions to when it comes to dealing with his people.  God fulfills promises made way years in advance.  We as humans seem to believe and even think we are so special that whatever we ask for it has to be Immediately. Well it does not have to be Immediately it’s in Gods time which we know has a different clock this mankind.

In reading the book of number I saw how God did everything in an Order.  This is why we must organize our lives and be about Gods business.  Numbers also help his leaders understand how to operate in Gods house. 

We must realize that sin separates us from God.  We do ourselves damage when we go against God we set ourselves up to be Wiped out by God.  Something was said to me by a Miss’y she said make sure you are not Grieving your Leader.  I learned from the book of Numbers family members can bring about a vexation.  We have to learn to prioritize family/church.  We have to understand that murmuring is not in the will of God.  We complain when we should be grateful to God even in trying times.  Just know things could be worst. There are so many offerings before our savior offered himself as the final offering that we should be Jumping for Joy.

God made provisions for us even before we even knew we would do or even think about doing wrong. What an Awesome God we serve. 

# Our God is a Provisional Savior.

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